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Second Hand costumes reduced mascot costumes ✅ Promotion Walking Act ✅ Cheaper costume shop ✅

Second Hand costumes Reduced running figures selection ✓ Fast shipping ✓ Best price guarantee ✓ Buy now ...

Here we offer you cheap exhibits or used running costumes from our costume rental for sale. The costumes / mascots are all in top condition, but there may be small signs of use on the hands or gauntlets / feet. It is not possible to change these costumes.

By choosing your running costume, you will receive more detailed information about your cheap dream costume.

We always have new running figures for you to buy in special sales. We therefore recommend visiting us more often.

Our special sales range also contains many running costumes and mascots that you can use for advertising and promotional purposes.

Whether you need a rabbit costume or a kangaroo running figure - the special sale allows you a super low price.

But what use is a used running figure to you?

Nowadays, mascots are the most popular way to draw attention to a company, an association or any other interesting group of people.

However, handmade, new and, if possible, individualized mascot costumes are not necessarily cheap. However, in order to offer mascot costumes for every budget, we have set up our “Special Sale” category for you.

Although these animal costumes, running figures, promotional costumes cannot be reworked or customized, you can get these costume highlights at an absolute special price and make a real bargain!

Just take a look around in our special sales range ... and please remember to check back often, because the range is constantly changing due to the special items.


All used costumes are only available once. If we have several of one costume on sale, you will see that the products are duplicated !!!

We ask you to consider this when ordering online !!

And if you have any questions or would like advice, do not hesitate to contact us for "live chat" or call us (+49) 02332/843773.

The Mascottchen24 team looks forward to your questions!

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