Basically, you have the opportunity to influence the delivery date. With our Exclusives "EXPRESS CONSTRUCTION" you can already have your costume in
take a few days in the reception.

You are treated as "EXPRESS CONSTRUCTION" in the production preferred!

The "EXPRESS CONSTRUCTION" additionally costs between 25% to 60% extra cost of the costume price.

Note: This does not speed up the shipping route, so we always recommend you to book an "Express Shipping", so you get your costume as soon as possible. The prices for express shipping can be found on the shipping page.

If you want your costume as soon as possible, we will gladly make you an individual offer! Please send us an e-mail request with product name, article number and shipping address ...

Costumes from the series "High quality / Promotion"

In these costume models, the head is made of high-quality plush fabric, without the use of other materials. This has the consequence that the head rests directly on the human head and is comfortable to wear because of the fluffiness. Therefore, in this variant, no fan in the head is possible.

Through the openings (visual grids) on the mouth or on the eyes of the mascot, the carrier can see through and gets enough air to breathe. (Please note that it is not possible to wear glasses on this version.) The head and body have a velcro system so that the head does not fall off. In this costume variant you have the advantage that always a belly pillow or filling rings are included in the price. We only recommend to buy an additional transport bag for the product, which you will find in the accessories section. To transport the costume safe and clean from A to B.

This costume head version has the advantage that due to the "simple design" it can be delivered within 01 to 03 working days with an "EXPRESS service".

A top product for a low price!

Items under 1.290,00 € can be shipped between 01 to 03 business days with an EXPRESS PRODUCTION!

(after order & prepayment plus shipping time)

Costumes from the series "Professional / advertising character"

These costume models are made of a high quality and lightweight plastic. Several starches are heated via a negative mold and thus form the desired head shape. This elaborate process gives the head a solid structure to maintain its shape and maintains its light weight. Or the costume model gets its quality through the construction with the massive foam! The foam rubber is pressed and molded from 2 layers of natural rubber resin. In this way, the head gets its solid structure and maintains its shape.

The promoter receives fresh air through the integrated 9-volt fan and through the visual grids that are located in the eye and / or mouth area of ​​the costume. The eyes, the mouth and possible further details are applied in a modern airbrush process and decorate the costume. So that the head does not slide down, it is fixed with rubber underarm bands under the arms of the promoter. This allows the promoter to move "freely" despite his head.

Both variants are available within 16 to 18 working days with an "EXPRESS service".

A professional product for a fair price!

Articles over 1.490,00 € can be shipped between 16 to 18 business days with an EXPRESS PRODUCTION!

(after order & prepayment plus shipping time)

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