From here you can get to our two costume production websites for individual mascot costumesproduction according to customer wishes.

This is the right variant for each customer budget ... Please note that this is a mascot of advertising for your company / company or sports club. This mascot costume will later be seen on many photos, videos or even TV and social media channels!
We therefore recommend that you always use the means at your disposal to buy the best product for your mascot costume.
This will be your modern business card for your company or club, at any event !!!

Premium Production

For a budget between about 2.990,00 € to about 5.990,00 €

High-Class Production

For a budget between about 6.990,00 € to about 12.990,00 €

For customers who need a new costume quickly ...

We offer under the name "The Mascot Factory" a cheap "premium production", for those looking for a high quality mascot for a small price.

Here, the customer should already have a template / drawing for the desired costume. Depending on order situation we can deliver the costume within 30 -35 working days after order.

Just write to us, you will receive a non-binding offer for your request mascot costume sent.

For customers who do not want to compromise ...

For those who are looking for the "BEST OF THE BEST" mascot costume for their company or club, we offer an exclusive "High Class Production" among the "Costume Heroes". The costumes not only impress with their unique look, they also have many advantages. The heads are the best that can be found on the mascot market. The view is perfect for every head and to be worn well by a fan even when warm. The body is perfect for any weather produced and easy to clean. The shoes of the costume are closed and all have a thick sole, while still very comfortable to wear. So these costumes are unique in quality materials and wearability.

Pictures speak more than words, look at our references.

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