Our Walking Act running costumes are all made by experienced manual tailors and industrial sewing machines. In addition, a high quality material (plush) is used, so you get a 1a quality. In order to maintain this high quality of your costume and thus to ensure the longevity, you should follow the following care instructions.

The mascot running costumes usually consist of several costume parts. At least, however, from two areas, the head and the costume body, as well as accessories such as T-shirt or pants etc.
The head is made of completely plush fabric! Eye, nose and mouth are sewn on. Ears and other fixed headgear may contain plastic parts, so the head may require manual cleaning. Under no circumstances should it be put in the washing machine or in the dryer. The head is of course equipped with air and sight holes so that the wearer can see and breathe. The costume body, consists on average of a "jumpsuit", hands and feet and partly a simple abdominal pillow or a simple belly ring, and may (except there are plastic parts available - see belly ring) at 30 ° C in the washing machine to be cleaned.

Worthy of note here is the wool gentle cycle, so as not to damage the material or to support its longevity. In the dryer, none of the costume parts may be given as the material may be damaged by the heat. You should also leave the iron in the closet. Air drying is the best way to gently dry your costume. The design of the costumes is basically the same. At the back of the overal and / or top is a Velcro closure or a zipper for closing. The hands and feet are basically gloves and gauntlets that are simply worn over them.

Raccoon to 30 degrees

30 ° wool gentle wash for all parts (except head)


Clean head by hand only

Do not bleach

Please do not use bleach or other chemical agents on the costume, especially the head!

Do not book

DO NOT iron plush fabric

After wearing the mascot, wipe all moisture out of the head with a clean rag. But you can also spray a mild cleaner in the head (eg Febreeze) if you find dirty areas in the neck or chin area. This will keep the costume fresh for the next mission. Mascot heads can be wiped with a simple rag if the face gets dirty. Any fur covered areas on the head can also be cleaned with a mild upholstery cleaner. The mascot costume should be hung up to dry after wearing. Hanging up ensures that the costume dries completely before storing it in the closet. Mascot body and mascot hands are suitable for the washing machine (30 degrees wool / gentle cycle). Always dry on a leash or stand. We do not recommend dry cleaning in the dryer! The costume feet should be washed by hand and also hung on a leash to dry.

With these instructions you will have years of fun with your mascot.


Please do not wear the mascot costume near fire or "smoking" because it affects peripheral vision and hearing. When wearing the costume, the field of vision is affected depending on the costume. Please note: wearing glasses may not be possible depending on the costume. Do not wear the costume too long in the sun at a stretch, otherwise you may dehydrate. Please pay attention to enough drinking breaks! Costumes should not be worn while driving. By purchasing our product, you agree to waive any and all legal rights related to accidents and / or personal injury while using or wearing our product.

Costumes with the "standard head" (High quality xxxABC)

Costumes between 399,00 to about 1.299,00 €

Standard heads made of fabric

In this costume model, the head is made of high-quality plush fabric without the use of other materials. This has the consequence that the head rests directly on the human head and is comfortable to wear because of the fluffiness.

Through the openings (visual grids) on the mouth or on the eyes of the mascot, the carrier can see through and gets enough air to breathe. Please note that wearing glasses is not possible with this variant. This costume head version has the advantage that it is available within 3-5 working days due to the "simple design". Of course, you get a top product for a low price! Convince yourself and take a closer look at our running costumes with the standard head.

Costumes with the "plastic head" (Professional xxx-07)

Costumes between 1.499,00 to about 2.499,00 €

Heads made of high quality lightweight plastic

These costume heads are made of a high quality and lightweight plastic. Several starches are heated via a negative mold and thus form the desired head shape. This elaborate process gives the mascot's head a solid structure to maintain its shape and maintains its light weight.

The promoter receives fresh air through the integrated 9-volt fan and through the visual grids that are located in the eye and / or mouth area of ​​the costume. Please note that wearing a pair of glasses is limited in this variant. The eyes, the mouth and possible further details are applied in a modern airbrush process and decorate the costume. So that the head does not slide down, it is fixed with rubber underarm bands under the arms of the promoter. This allows the promoter to move "freely" despite his head.

Costumes with the "foam head" (ad figure xxx-05)

Costumes between 1.499,00 to about 2.499,00 €

Heads made of solid foam rubber

This mascot model gets its quality through the construction with the massive foam! The foam rubber is pressed and molded from 2 layers of natural rubber resin. In this way, the head gets its solid structure and maintains its shape. At the same time it gives enough flexibility and ensures that a possible break is prevented if the head should accidentally be dropped.

The fresh air is supplied by an integrated fan, which is operated with a 9V battery. At the same time in the head (at the eyes or mouth) of course there are also visible grids, through which the promoter can see. Please note that wearing a pair of glasses is limited in this variant. The eyes, the mouth and Co. are applied by a high-quality Air-Brush procedure (depending on the costume)! The head is held by so-called rubber underarm bands, which are simply fixed under the arms. This strengthens the fit of the head and allows the promoter enough freedom of movement.

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