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Do you need a special promotional mascot? Then our high-quality & professional mascot costumes are exactly the right choice! Our range includes mascots in human form as well as a variety of different animal species, rabbits for Easter, monsters for Halloween and Christmas costume figures. The mascot costumes are not only great for promotions and clubs. Our costume selection is also very suitable for carnival as Mardi Gras costumes.

✅ Mascot costumes for every occasion ✅

Ideal for walking acts at events, club mascots and running costumes for promotional purposes. Some of our custom-made products from the professional segment are equipped with an integrated battery-operated fan for a high level of comfort. Our mascot costumes are hard-wearing and, if necessary, can be equipped with the many extras from our accessories area.

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Here you can see a costume overview from our costume shop.

By clicking on your costume, you will receive more detailed information about the mascot you want.

Our range contains many costumes and promotional figures that you can use for advertising and promotional purposes. Of course, one of these costumes can also become your personal club mascot!

Running costumes (mascots) are nowadays the most popular way to draw attention to a company, club or other interesting group of people.

Just take a leisurely look at our range of offers and please remember to check back often, because the range changes constantly due to the seasons.

And if you have any questions or would like advice, don't hesitate to call our information and order hotline.

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