Goat mascot costume 36a (Promotion plush toys)

NEW Produced

This cheap goat costume (36a) is made individually by professional tailors after an order. The materials are all high quality and have a soft and robust material property. This ensures high durability and a great wearing comfort, which is noticeable with proper treatment on the lifetime. The costume is made according to the CE safety standard & EU standards. This means, among other things, that it is manufactured in a unit size. For example, performers with a height between 1.60 m and 1.90 m can easily wear the costume. The costume is delivered completely as seen in the picture.

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The costume:

Because with this mascot walking act costume, your company or club will definitely stand out. This mascot running costume is made of pure fur imitation fabric. Professional tailors have given their best here and mastered a high quality! In order to maintain this quality long-lasting, it requires a professional treatment of the costume, especially cleaning. The body costume is dressed like a jumpsuit and closed at the back with an existing Velcro. The costume includes hands and feet. The hands are similar in function to the mitts, which are simply pulled over. The feet are basically gauntlets that can be easily pulled over your own shoes. Thus, the own shoes are hidden, but the overall appearance of the costume is not tarnished. The head is the "heart" of the costume! It is simply placed upside down and fastened to the rest of the costume with appropriate velcro straps. The head is made entirely of fake fur and therefore has a high wearing comfort. Also the body costume serves with a high wearing comfort, so that for example no "Unterkleidung" must be worn. The costume does not scratch.

Design type:

The fine craftsmanship of professional tailors produces a certain high quality, which comes only with proper treatment and care of the costume to fruition. Therefore, your mascot has a detailed care instructions attached - for example, with the remark that this costume may be cleaned at 30 ° C wool-gentle cycle also like in the washing machine. Only the head should not be put into the washing machine, but be cleaned by hand washing. The head may contain pieces of plastic, for example to strengthen the horns of the goat. Also, the head has corresponding openings that allow the wearer to breathe and look. The entire costume should not be in the dryer, but air-dried. In the dryer, the mascot running costume can carry some damage. Manufactured to CE safety standards, the costume is available in a one-size-fits-all size, so those with a height of 1.60 m to 1.90 m will not have any problems wearing it. And if you do not like the color WHITE, then choose a different color! Because our Walking Act costumes can be individually designed. Even a personalization is not a problem - for example, with your own club or company logo.

Call, ask, look forward:

Call our savvy team or write an email. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities to make your company or club colors shine in the mascot running costume. Likewise about the possibilities to raise your company or club logo. We are here for you!

Product delivery
Costume completely as seen in the picture
Changes to the costume
Available at extra cost (contact us)
Changes in color
Available at extra cost (contact us)
Body size / dimensions
One size fits every person between 160 and 190cm
Materials head
Plush fabric / fine mesh net (100% polyamide)
Materials body / hands
Plush fabric / Velcro (100% nylon)
Materials pillow
Cotton fabric / pillow padding made of cotton wool polyester
Materials filling rings
Filler rings made of plastic & polyester material
Materials shoes
Plush fabric / imitation leather made of polyurethane / Synthetic rubber / foam
Material plush fabric
15% polyester / 30% acrylic / 55% fashion acrylic
Material property
High quality (CE-compliant and EU standards)
Without fan (not feasible for technical reasons)
Can be used inside and outside (not recommended in case of rain)
Production time
approx. 03 to 05 working days (from prepayment)
Shipping time
about 02 to 05 working days (Europe / other countries see shipping details)
8 - 9 kg
Product number:
Product condition:
NEW Produced

Express Costume Construction:
Basically, you have the opportunity to influence the delivery date.
With the EXPRESSBAU you can take your costume in a few days in the reception.

Article under 900,00 €
• Production time between 02 to 03 business days with EXPRESSBAU
    (plus shipping time / after order & prepayment receipt)

Article over 900,00 €
• Production time between 15 to 18 working days with EXPRESSBAU
    (plus shipping time / after order & prepayment receipt)

The EXPRESSBAU additionally costs between 20% to 50% extra cost of the costume price.
For this we recommend an express delivery so you get your costume as soon as possible. The prices for express shipping can be found in the shipping table.

If you want your costume as soon as possible, we will be happy to make you an individual offer!

Express Service

Own costume - repair service
With the purchase of a mascot Walking Act running costume in our shop, you also get the opportunity to fall back on our repair service in a later possible case of wear or costume damage! Only we offer you !!! Inexpensive and equipped with appropriate know-how, professional tailors from Mascottchen24, all after several years of professional experience, look after the repair of their running costumes in their own modern machine park. Fast, easy and absolutely uncomplicated!


Your benefits at a glance:
• Free estimate of repair costs (based on your sent photos)
• fast repair within 01 to 05 business days in our workshop
• Operating experience with our costumes since 1999
• Top quality in workmanship and materials

And that's how easy it is
Write us in a short mail with photos, which wear or damage we should repair and we will send you a free quotation without delay. Now decide for yourself! With the simple shipping zb. By "DHL package" you can send your running costume in short to us, so that our professional tailors can go to work. Within 01 to 05 working days repair time (depending on the effort) you will then receive your costume sent back, also on the "DHL package" ways. No one can do it faster !!!

Our Walking Act running costumes are all made by experienced manual tailors and industrial sewing machines. In addition, a high quality material (plush) is used, so you get a 1a quality. In order to maintain this high quality of your costume and thus to ensure the longevity, you should follow the following care instructions. The mascot running costumes usually consist of several costume parts. At least, however, from two areas, the head and the body costume (accessories such as T-shirt or pants, etc.).

Quick Overview
• 30 ° wool gentle wash for all plush parts (except head)
• No drying application possible
• DO NOT iron plush fabric
• Hand wash only (be careful with colored airbrush - eyes & details)
• Indoor and outdoor use (weather dependent - not in case of rain)
• Do not stay near fire !!!
• Do not smoke while wearing !!!
• Do not wear while driving !!!

Tips for cleaning the body costume
The body costume, consisting on average of a "coverall", hands and feet as well as partly a simple belly pillow or a simple belly ring, may (except there are plastic parts available - see belly ring) be cleaned at 30 ° C in the washing machine. Wool gentle cycle is recommended here in order not to damage the material (plush fabric) or to support its longevity. In the dryer, none of the costume parts may be given as the material may be damaged by the heat. You should also leave the iron in the closet. Air drying is the best way to gently dry your costume. The design of the costumes is basically the same. At the back of the overalls and / or top is a Velcro closure or a zipper for closing. The hands and feet are basically gloves and gauntlets that are simply worn over them.
Due to the fact that we have THREE TYPES of the head in the program, there are also THREE different types of care.

Type 1: plush fabric head (for items under 900,00 €)

Here is also the head of pure plush fabric! Eye, nose and mouth are sewn on. Ears and other fixed headgear may contain pieces of plastic (for example, to make them stand upright), so the head needs hand cleaning. Under no circumstances should it be put in the washing machine or in the dryer. The head is of course equipped with air and sight holes so that the wearer can see and breathe.

Type 2: foam rubber head (for items over 900,00 €)

Here, the head is made of solid foam rubber in a complex process. The head negative mold is pressed with 2 layers of natural rubber resin. This unique design process gives the mascot's head a solid structure to maintain its shape while maintaining enough flexibility to prevent any possible breakage in light fall or pressure. The head is then covered with the plush fabric. Parts of the head, such as the eyes, are sprayed with high-quality airbrush process with a lot of know-how on the mesh-visor. Fresh air is provided by the integrated fan in the head of the mascot, which is powered by a 9 volt block battery, and the existing air holes. Due to the fact that the head is fixed with underarm bands under the arms of the wearer, this retains its complete head movement freedom. Therefore, this head should be cleaned exclusively by hand cleaning! It is also advisable to dab off the "airbrush areas" only damp. A rubbing or even scrubbing would smear the color or remove it completely. Which would lead to damage to the head and thus to a loss of quality of the entire costume.

Type 3: plastic head (for items over 900,00 €)

The head is made of high quality, lightweight plastic. In the production of several plastic strengths are heated via a negative mold and shaped accordingly. In this unique design process, the head gets a certain hard structure to maintain its shape. Following this procedure, the head is covered with a plush fabric to completely leave the cuddly-soft style of the costume. In a high-quality airbrush process, the color of eyes, nose, etc. is sprayed onto the mesh visor with a lot of know-how. Due to this fact, the head should not be scrubbed with a sponge during hand cleaning so that the paint does not smear or even dissolve completely. The mesh visor provides for vision and breathing. There is also an integrated fan in the head of the costume, which can be switched on and off and ensures appropriate air movements. The fan is powered by a 9 volt block battery. Again, hand cleaning is recommended! Also dab the airbrush spots with a damp cloth. It should never be scrubbed with a sponge!

After wearing the mascot, wipe all moisture out of the head with a clean rag. But you can also spray a mild cleaner on your head (eg Ferbreeze) if you find dirty spots on the neck or chin area. This will help to keep the costume fresh for the next deployment. Mascot heads can be wiped with a simple rag in case the face gets dirty. Any fur covered areas on the head can also be cleaned with a mild upholstery cleaner. For mascots with skin (mostly human mascots), please do not forget that the faces are painted with flexible paint, but they should not be rubbed too hard. It also must not be scratched too hard on the surface. In the "massive foam" design, they powder the inside of the head slightly with talcum powder. This will keep the moisture from damaging the head. Remember to not humidify or clog the built-in fan (powered by a 9 volt battery). The 9 volt battery lasts for about an hour. The mascot costume should be hung up to dry after wearing, this is the best way to get the costume ready for the next assignment. Hanging also ensures that the costume dries completely before storing it in the closet. Mascot body and mascot hands are suitable for the washing machine (30 degrees wool / gentle cycle). Always dry on a leash or stand. We do not recommend dry cleaning in the dryer! The costume feet should be washed by hand and also hung on a leash to dry.

With these instructions you will have fun with your mascot for years.


Attention safety notice:
Never put on the mascot costume near fire or during "smoking" because it affects peripheral vision and hearing. When wearing the costume, the field of vision is affected depending on the costume. Please note: wearing glasses is possible depending on the costume. not possible. Do not wear the costume too long in the sun at a stretch, otherwise you may dehydrate (drink enough liquid and take breaks). Costumes should not be worn while driving. By purchasing our product, you agree to disclaim all legal rights related to accidents and / or injuries sustained while using or wearing our product.


Do not buy abroad your costume / quality has its price
Look for cheap costume copies of our products that are offered in other mascot shops.
Many from other countries such. Far East shops use our pictures as a sales template.
You will not receive our original costumes, but different costumes. Unfortunately, the costume doubles both in workmanship and material are not in the quality range like ours. In some cases even a fraud intent is behind it - you receive no commodity and your money is gone! In most cases, the costume plagiarism is also offered at extremely low prices, which of course are below our prices.

We would therefore like to give you the tip to look closely at the shops, descriptions and, ultimately, mascot pictures and to think carefully about where you make the corresponding purchases.

If you have questions about prices, please contact us, we guarantee you the best price !!!


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