Cleaning costumes "Individual productions"

Cleaning costumes "Individual productions" ✅ Professional tailoring ✅
Cleaning costume laundry individual construction (animals / objects)
Cleaning costumes "Individual productions"

Cleaning costume laundry individual construction (animals / objects)

You can order this service "cleaning costume laundry individual construction (animals / objects)" for all "individual costumes" that have been purchased from us. Before you order, we recommend that you contact us so that we can tell you the right order option. If you have any questions, just contact us. We look forward to welcoming you in live chat or on...
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Cleaning costumes "Individual productions" ✅ Promotion Walking Act ✅ Cheaper costume shop ✅

Top running figures selection ✓ Fast shipping ✓ Best price guarantee ✓ Buy now at low prices ...

CLEANING SERVICE from Mascottchen24 since 1999.

Mascottchen24 is your reliable partner if you want your mascot costume to be CLEAN. And that since 1999 with customers from all over Europe.

With great expertise, we are available to all customers who have bought their mascot costume from us. Our services in costume cleaning are used by companies as well as clubs and private households that have a costume from us.

Many of these customers have been relying on our extensive range of services and our individual support for years .....

This is how easy it is to get your costume cleaned:

1) Select the right option for cleaning here and place it in the shopping cart. (These are sorted by article number / article name)

2) Carry out the order process and enter your "costume item number" when you comment.

3) You will receive the invoice in advance. (Please transfer this as prepayment)

4) You send us your costume to our address (do not send by surname / postage is paid by the client)

5) We clean your costume professionally and send it back to you with DHL approx. 3 to 4 working days later after receipt

(The costume cleaning only applies to our registered customers, foreign costumes are not cleaned by us.)

Do you need advice or are you unsure of which order option you need? Then do not hesitate to contact us for "live chat" or to give us a call (+49) 02332/843773.

The Mascottchen24 team looks forward to your questions!

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